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Solution 88 through Diversity Management ensures equal opportunity for all, and responds to the challenges that emerge in today's society.



The Carrefour Group is one of the major food chains in Spain. They have over 16,000 supermarkets in various formats which 50% are...
Category :  food
180,000.00 €

Churroplanet Popular

Churro Planet is a different franchise that offers a profitable business with a real concept churros entire life combined with hot and cold...
Category :  Hotel
60,000.00 €

Tapaolé Popular

  TAPAOLÉ is all Tapas eat all you want. TAPAOLÉ is a buffet table with care. TAPAOLÉ is value. TAPAOLÉ is to ask what you want, without...
Category :  Hotel
80,000.00 €

Lizarran Popular

The LIZARRAN franchise is the brand of snacks and tapas restaurant group Comess Group, with an international presence in 12 countries and leader...
Category :  Hotel
85,000.00 €

Bodega La Andaluza Popular

Our group of Andalusian hospitality born in Seville for more than a decade. After years of effort and expansion throughout Spain, exploiting and...
Category :  Hotel
3,000.00 €

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